The Man behind the Quill

I am a writer, savant and tormentor of verbs.

I’ve written and am editing my novel ‘Stitch‘ the first book in a planned three book series. I’ll be  posting my short stories, musings, novel extracts,  and other chapters from my word-orientated-misadventures.

I will also be posting articles about books, culture and most over things that cross my path. This will happen on a near weekly basis.


All my work is covered under Creative Commons. Which means you can; distort, destroy, reanimate and or mutilate, the works (including characters) in anyway whatsoever. You can also distribute any derivative of the works without my permission. As long as you credit the parts you used to and do not use any derivatives for any kind of commercial gain.

Email any derivative to the below email address & I’ll post it on the site.

You can even subscribe by email at the bottom of every page.

L’art est une arme, 

Dante Wilde.