I’ve finished a new novel!

by dantewilde

There’s nothing like blowing your own horn, especially as the title of a blog you want people to read, but alas, I’m going to do it.

I’ve literally just typed “The End” in capital letters at the bottom of my newest manuscript. Which explains why I’ve not posted since September 10. In all truth, I would much rather write than spend the time working on blog posts. And that’s exactly what I have been doing.

The newly finished novel is titled The Revolution’s Dancers and is the sequel to All Women Can Dance. I’m working on a trilogy and, naturally, the final book remains untitled and unstarted. I do know how it begins, which is fairly exciting in itself.

A note on writing series; I have a new found respect for writers that spend so long with the same characters. It’s akin to spending hours and hours a day talking to the same people in a one sided conversation. Except the conversation is taking part in their head, not yours, and you’re the one listening. Writing is completely different experience to reading and, I believe, that’s in part due to the different relationship between writer and character and reader and character.

Nonetheless, I’ll be starting book the third as soon as I’ve recharged and the creative energies are back in balance.

That’s all from me at the moment, I’m certain it won’t be too long before I start having conversations with myself here again.

Much love,

Dante. x


There aren’t prizes for finding post novel writing typos 🙂