Thoughts on books

by dantewilde

I’ve been making my way through books a lot faster than usual and have started writing down what I think of them. It isn’t an analysis as such, but I am trying to figure out what makes a good book good and how bad books slip through the cracks (I’m not just looking at you 50 Shade Of Grey!) 

I need to dig back a few books, but I’m thinking of posting those thoughts here for you all. That way, if you’re interested, we can grow and build and slowly add more books to the list and see what comes of it. 

I’ll do what I can to keep them spoiler free, but no promises (I’ll give you a warning if it gets touchy). 

Like this post or comment if you would be interested in reading these and or contributing to them. I reserve the right to subedit anything that comes in, but I’ll make a post about that type of stuff if anything comes of it.