Hear ye! Hear ye!

by dantewilde

Hello beautiful people!

I’m back! Very much similar to my oh March where have you gone? post, I’ve been dragged away from here, albeit kicking and screaming. That unfortunately means I haven’t been writing much by way of articles and blog posts that can be posted here ( due to copyright &c). I have been working on my novel formerly known as Stitch, the working title that stuck a little too long. The novel is now in need of a new name and as of right now, I have absolutely no idea what that could be.

As for the novel’s progress, I’ve been managing that in leaps and almost bounds. I have finished editing the first 20,000 words but I have a couple of extra scenes that I’ve decided need to be added to from the middle onwards. The rest of the MS (manuscript, no one told me that and I kept thinking the what!?) has been edited twice and rest of the day will be spent on writing and on beginning the third edit on the next sixty-something-thousand words. This, of course, all leads to the wonderful process of finding an agent and taking my first terrified steps to authordom (there’ll be more on that as it happens).

I’m going to begin posting on the regular again, I have a couple of ideas in the works and have already posted the  On John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars below.