Oh March, Where Have You Gone?

by dantewilde

Hello beautiful people!

A blog post, can you believe it? I can’t quite believe it myself. The other me (the one that needs to eat) has been in control of large amounts of my time writing feverishly for work and trying to find more work. Such things are so mundane, but they must be done. Hence the lack of contact and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were all feeling a little neglected.

There has been progress and it has been wonderful, and there has been small amounts of progress which haven’t been quite so wonderful. Abigail has sent me the final sketch! It’s tremendous piece of work that I absolutely adore, so much in fact, I looked at once and knew she’d somehow climbed into my head and taken what I would love as a book cover and turned it into something tangible. How she does this, is absolutely magical, I’m a man of words and creating things with visual art has always escaped me.

As for Beautiful Scars, as I said in my last post, I want this to be the best work I can create at this point in my life. I won’t accept anything less and, honestly, neither should you. So I will continue to take my time on this project and once I’ve formed the stories into how I want them, they’ll be going off to an editor somewhere in the world that I can pay in gratitude (if you know anyone, they can apply within).

While you wait for me, Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere has been adapted into a radio drama by the BBC. You can (and really should) stream the first episode . As if we didn’t know Mr Gaiman was a genius, this is sure fire proof of that point. You can listen to here and it will stream to anywhere in the world form the BBC website, but I believe it doesn’t work for mobile devices.

My love to you all, and I hope you’re all keeping well.

Dante x