Beautiful Scars Update (it’s been far too long)

by dantewilde

My dearest friends,


I can assure you that I’m very much alive and well despite the lack of posting. Time seems to have had her way with me, and I only realized moments ago that my last post was on the 23 of January. I am still working on Beautiful Scars, but I have confession to make, I have been having an affair with my novel. While it has been good to step away from the manuscripts, today marks the first day I’ll be delving into the short story drafts head first again.

While it has been good to work on the novel, I’ve also deliberately slowed down work on Beautiful Scars. I’ve been constantly writing and rewriting for coming on a couple of months now and I’ve narrowed my scope to a scene by scene basis. I’ve done this 1) because it will hopefully mean less work for the next round of drafts and 2) each scene needs to serve a purpose and its important that each word does doubly so. Anything that can be axed, has been axed.

With enough work, I’ll be moving onto the final set of drafts in the early days of March. I’ve also heard wonderful things from Abigail and we’re talking illustration and semi-final sketches. It will be worth the long wait.

Much love,

Dante x