I Come With Great Gifts Of Screen Shots & Words

by dantewilde


I wanted to assure that I’m alive and well and am still working on the drafts for Beautiful Scars. Still!? you say? Well yes. I’ve put a lot more care and love into these than into anything else I’ve written before. There are some stories that have taken a new direction, namely ‘Eponym’ which will also get a new name. And there are other stories ‘Daughter Of Prosperity’ and ‘Beast Of Switzerland’ that are also in line for new identities.

I believe with my own writing, nothing will ever be completely finished, there will always be something I can change or alter. Whether that is for better or worse, is a decision for other people to make. Because of this, there is going to be a limit on how many times I draft and rework these stories. That limit is three, long and pain staking drafts.

But writing is nothing, if it isn’t rewarding.

The screen shots are from ‘Tempest’ and ‘Eponym’ each one also gives a little snippet into what the finished story may be like.

With Love & Hope,


Tempest Screen ShotEponym Screen Shot