Beautiful Scars Milestone, Meet Abigail & Story Titles

by dantewilde

Hello beautiful people!

I have big news, I have finished the first round of editing for Beautiful Scars and will then use November to do the rewrites and the second round. By the end of November, Beautiful Scars will finally be in a finished state. For now, we’ll only look that far a head (NaNoWriMo hasn’t begun yet).

My biggest and most exciting news is telling you about the wonderful Abigail Southworth. Abigail is a concept designer and artist extraordinaire who has come on board with the Beautiful Scars project and is designing the book covers. We’ve been talking concepts and ideas and once we have a finished cover, I’ll post it here. We also have a wonderful surprise coming along with book cover designs and the finished manuscripts.

And the story titles are…


Of God & Peace


The Daughter of Prosperity 

A Murder in Venice 

December’s Cat


Children of Asylum