Hope – Friday

by dantewilde

If there is one thing that has been shown over the course of the week, its that hope exists. Hope is real, and Hope, much like everything that surronds Suicide Prevention, doesn’t discriminate. In fact, Hope, doesn’t care who you are or what you suffer from. It is here. It is for you. And that, is perhaps the most heart warming aspect. After watching the community come together, knowing that as it is nearing Friday’s final hours, Hope will survive and illuminate many more nights.

Hope, is everything and exists within everything. It lives in art, the powers of self expression or the relationship between art and the mind. It thrives in community, and if someone is struggling to find Hope in any situation, it can be shared. Shared through love, conversation, music, art, through the written word. These small pieces of Hope can not only plant the seed of change (whether that change be finding a healthy form of expression, asking for help, or encouraging someone to get out of bed in the morning) it can be the change. Hope walks hand in hand with support and with love, and these can foster courage, they can be the calm in the center of a violent storm.

In my other articles, I have mentioned the importance of Suicide Awareness and support not fading away once the week draws to a close. In my article on community, I talked about its continuation and its life beyond this week, surviving in communities and in help lines.  What I didn’t address was this; Hope exists outside of the communities. Each person possesses the ability to provide Hope for another person. It could be helping them  find their reason to keep living, to be that reason, introducing them to ways of self expression, talking them down or staying awake with them to prove that it doesn’t have to be darkest before dawn. These and an array of other things, from the smallest of encouragements to showing how much you care, are things that can be done by any person at any time. You don’t need to be a Mental health professional in order to make a substantial difference to somebody’s life. It is the little things frequently that are as important as the big things.

With each difference, each small amount of Hope you can provide for a person, there is cause to celebrate. This reminds me of a song, the lyrics are;

“Don’t be afraid my son
the world out there is cold and it is dark
but you’ll be alright my son
You’ll be all… right

As long as you stay of the bright side of the line
And keep on following the light.”

Each piece of Hope should be celebrated, when it’s found, it is a continued step toward the right side of the line and back toward the light. Each step is important and while people will relapse, you cannot let the light burn out. Every single step, whether it be slow, whether it be painful, is cause for celebrating. Celebrating that the pain and the storm are passing and that nobody is alone. Because everything will eventually pass and while the favoured line is the not untrue “it gets better” alternatively, it can better with each day that passes by. We may not be able to control the past, but we can control the present and with every forward motion and every foot that lands on the ground in the present the future of the storm begins look more bleak.

For some, it will be easier than others,  but this does not mean that small amounts of progress are not worth while or can be done undone in a single day. Bringing yourself to get out of bed in the morning is a step forward. Taking a moment to appreciate the sun (or rain, if you’re like me and prefer it) is another step. The world may be “cold and…dark” but this does not mean it is void of all beauty. The simple things are often the most beautiful things, those few minutes you can steal away to have for yourself or the cleansing feeling of a hot shower.

These are all movements that can be inspired by providing someone with Hope. To appreciate the smaller, more beautiful things, in the world along side another person is one of the greatest ways you can help. Calling them in the morning, or getting them out of bed to see the stars. The list of possibilities is endless and if you’re ever in a position where you can provide someone with even a fragment of Hope, do it with all your passion and with all your abilities. For all you know, that fragment could be the deciding factor of their future.

There is Hope and importantly there can always be hope. Each of us has the ability to provide or help find Hope for a person that needs it. There is Hope in the smallest of gestures and in the grandest of plans, it is not based on your ability to provide. Money, status, and material objects are irrelevant. While they may help somewhere along the way, they are not the tenderness and patience that Hope is. They are not the guiding light or the right side of the line. Which ever metaphor you intended to use to express Hope’s many different facets. It will always be courage, strength and kindness and will always be something a complete stranger can provide.

Stay around, life is worth living and it can be lived in way you so desire.

All my love,