Community – Thursday

by dantewilde

As Suicide Prevention Week nears the final day, I can’t help but think of what will become of the colossal support that has spread itself across the internet and into communities. This week, has been about raising awareness and helping point people in the right direction. Whether it is the people that need help or the people that are interested in helping, as well as those that want to learn more about it. A community has risen, and like I have said in previous posts, now the important thing is maintaing awareness and education. Parts of this community, while they will unfortunately dissipate, will be out lived by the near limitless places that provide support and it’s these places that hold the foundations for preventing future suicides.

In America, the community of suicide prevention is huge, across the world, it is enormous. That is one thing I’ve noticed most about Suicide Prevention Week, masses of people from every country coming together to provide support. Show their love, and implement change in response to a tragedy that is %100 preventable. During this week the ‘global community’ have come together, without governments, without trade agreements, without war and, without discrimination in a show of love and kindness. A community bonded by their concern for every other human being. The show of love has been nothing less than beautiful.

The anti-suicide community is comprised of the teenagers and adults, people that aren’t trained health care professionals, offering every bit of love and hope they can. Their foundations are built on the professional services that cover eating disorders, support networks for LGBT teens and youth, suicide helplines and an array of other services that work as bridges towards help or safe places and reassuring environments.

In a world where the fate of gay marriage hinges on the votes of heterosexuals and women’s reproductive rights are still under scrutiny, this community has risen has grown and is currently flourishing. It is not a community that has simply filled a gap, it is a community on a mission that has provided a safety net and is working to change the world we live in. Yes, it has plugged a very large and important gap in society, but it is so much more than a simple plug. As the community grows, it cements its place within society and importantly, it cements its importance.

As it grows, it saves more lives, improves its reach and increases efficiency. There is a responsibility that this community has made its own and in doing so, its existence alone provides hope. Which is why it deserves so much more recognition than a community that simply fills a gap. It not only exists as more, but is the major driving force behind suicide prevention and assistance. Often it is the critical first step and initial support that provides someone with the hope and courage to the make important changes in their lives.

It is through this community that Suicide Prevention Week is experienced on such a large scale. While they work actively each and every day to prevent suicide, the impact and importance of this week remains the same. It is a time where each arm of the community can come together, in the public sphere and spread the importance their message. Suicide Prevention Week is not simply about raising awareness one week of the year but drawing mass amounts of attention to an issue that affects hundreds of lives every day.

As much as Suicide Prevention Week is about preventing suicide, it is also about this community and the work that each of its arms, and each member of those arms achieves. This ia a community that affects and saves lives each and everyday. IT acts the bridge toward help, the important first steps in asking for help, the support network and the help itself. Comprised of everybody from healthcare professionals to teenagers on social networking, to members of the community at large. This is a dedicated body of people whose support is not limited to one week of the year, or one hour of the day. It is important that during this week, even in the final days, the community grows and each person continues to express their support, not only until Friday, but beyond.



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