World Suicide Prevention Day

by dantewilde

Good Morning Lovers,

Today is the beginning of (inter)National Suicide Prevention Week.

Monday is World Suicide Prevention day. So wear something Yellow  or Orange and you can go here to download a new twitter background and other tidbits for your other social media profiles.

I’ll be posting every day, for the next week according to that day. For example, Tuesday is ‘Changing The Stigmas of Mental Health’.

About Suicide Prevention Week & Facts on Suicide

This week (9th – 15th of September) is National Suicide Week (though I’ve decided national isn’t big enough, and  having an international website, I’m prefixing with ‘(inter)’).

It is the 38th annual (inter)National Suicide Prevention week.

Suicide is the global leader in premature deaths, claiming up to one million lives a year. That is about one suicide every 40 seconds.

On top of the amount of people that are ‘successful’ (for lack of a better phrase) there are between 10-20 people who attempt suicide and don’t succeed. This amounts to ‘several million’ attempts each year.

In all countries (other than China) suicide affects more Men than Women. Guys, if you need it, ask for help. There is strength in survival, there is strength in acknowledging your feelings, and there is manliness in asking for help. If you can save yourself, you may be able to change someone else’s life. And that is manly. 

And remember, depression & Suicidal tendencies are draining. They can (and often do) drain peoples energy to talk to family, friends and, ask for professional help. The most courageous thing you can do as someone that is affected, is ask for help.

No one will hate you and no one will think less of you.

With all my love,

Dante Wilde x


A PDF of more information can be downloaded here.