The Update That Will Change Everything!

by dantewilde

Hello lovers,

It’s been a while since I’ve given you something you can sink your teeth into and as I promised, it will be well worth the wait.

Yesterday, I finished the final first draft for the short story collection. Which I can now tell you is called Beautiful ScarsWhile I’ve been working on these stories, I had an idea that has shifted the focus and scope of the project. I am now donating all the proceeds (from now until the end of time) to To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA). The focus of the collection is to help those that suffer from depression, self-injury and suicide. There are more details on the Beautiful Scars page.

The Beautiful Scars collection began as a venture to deliver free fiction to the world. On more than one occasion I promised this, and I have every intention of keeping this promise. That has resulted in a splitting of the collection, into the four original short stories (which will be free) and four more for the TWLOHA edition. The TWLOHA edition of the collection will have a different cover, eight stories and will be available in paperback. I am going to have the ebook at all of the online retailers I can. The paperback will be sold on Amazon and on the author profile page of my self publishing company. There will be links to buy and download the book on the Beautiful Scars page when it is ready.

All of the drafts for the TWLOHA edition of Beautiful Scars will be finished by the 21st of September. From this point, editing will begin, then formatting, then the book will be available.

I am doing this on a zero budget and the success of this collection depends largely on your help,

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With all my love,

Dante Wilde x