Quality over Quantity

by dantewilde

Hello beautiful people,

It has been far too long since I’ve given you an update and even the tumblr page is feeling neglected.

So, here is a quick one.

I’m still working on the Short Story Collection and with each draft that I finish the project becomes greater in scope. Once I’ve finished the final draft, there is going to be a big a update – I have a lot planned for this project and there are things I am still working over.

Unfortunately, it has been put on hold, most likely until next week. This is because I have a few submissions that need doing and they have solid deadlines that I need to meet. If I keep working, it won’t be much longer.

After I finished the first draft of the story I’m working on now, I’ll be taking a break to focus on downloadable content and to get a novella online. This will be my first ebook and I need to get the formatting perfect for the collection.

And yes, it is a life of delays but is also a life of reworking and as the title says, I would much rather give you stories worth reading, then waste your time on those that aren’t. Because realistically, I could finish a story every two days and post it. The issue with that is that they would all be terrible.

I appreciate your patience and thank you for reading,

with love,

Dante Wilde x