Re-launch & Exclusive Content

by dantewilde

Hello beautiful people!

I am re-launching my tumblr page today, it has been up for a couple of days now as part of the soft launch and I think I’ve worked out most of the kinks. These kinks are largely my computer and code illiteracy.

Starting this afternoon, I’ll be posting exclusive content for tumblr. I will be posting regularly, either everyday or everyday second day, there will be times where it is one or the other. All of my major posts (essays and fiction will appear in both places at the same time) and  all of the ‘milestone’ updates – such as finishing the novel draft or completing all the drafts for the short story collection- will also appear in both places. That said, there will be updates (equally important & perhaps more interesting) as well as a conglomeration of other content that will only be on the tumblr page.

Much Love,