Inspiration & Writer chats

by dantewilde

I’m searching for inspirational settings for the newest short story I’m working on.
This one is slated to be for the collection (which is still title-less) and as of now, I’ve written 500 words, it’s moving slowly.

Though if I may digress for just a second.

I had an interesting chat with a published author today, and he works on the idea of creating the perfect scene (to suit his means) each day. No horrendous word quota and he was saying if, just if, he can write that perfect scene and it’s a grand total of 500 words, then that’s a good day. A novel at 500 words a day, is the approximate length of time it would take for eternity to end. So he said he wants to avoid that, understandably. Now, this doesn’t mean I’ll be adopting a new method. I’m still going to aim for 4,000 a day and if I end up deleting 3,000 of those during editing, then so be it.  However, perfection by perfection may be something you could consider?

(you can check out his blog if you’re even remotely interested

As for my inspiration I found these of ‘mother’ Russia. You know it’s a successful research operation when you can rip the first three that stand out from Google Images & feel inspired.