Back From Hiatus

by dantewilde

Hello beautiful people,

I’m back from hiatus and the time off has allowed me to think about a lot of things.
Today has also been immensely productive. And for you, this means I have a lot more content coming!

Starting from tomorrow I have the first part of a three part short story (I’ll be doing a blitz edit tonight as I’ve written half today – told you I’ve been productive) to publish. With parts two and three following in the next few days. Part two on Thursday and part three on Friday. I’ve also had ideas around expanding my social media reach – I’ll have a tumblr page up and running tomorrow also (if you’re into that sort of thing). Believe you me, I’ve had to over come a lot of tumblr directed prejudice to even type that!

Work is also starting back up on the short story collection and I have a few more ideas for some essays and a ‘secret project’.

As it turns out, there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Thank you for your patience and much love,

Dante Wilde.