Time is moving a little slow

by dantewilde

Time is moving a little slow in this part of the world.
The king tides and transit of Venus were more than distracting. To top it off I’ve discarded more drafts over the last week then I remembering doing at any other time. I then had a brilliant idea for a story about a quick witted and intelligent detective that solved obscure cases. Sound familiar? I was watching Sherlock at the time…(can you blame me? Benedict Cumberbatch and Sir Conan- Doyle together are perfection)

All of this has a mounted to something that I promise you will be worth the wait. I have a short story (potentially series) in the works that I’m working on as my mind dictates this to my fingers. I have two stories in mind so far, and there may just be a third and even a forth. But alas, I’m getting away on myself.

I’ll have it posted as soon as the first one is complete, you’ll be first to know.

Spread the word,