Twitter Storm, an intellectual frustration – A musing

by dantewilde

I have a twitter account, as I’m sure most of you know. In fact, most of you (if I may generalise grossly) have twitter accounts. Yet, and much like other social networks, it seems to breed two things.



2) stupidity.

Granted, not everybody on twitter is a bigot and for many things it can be quite useful (organising a revolution, reporting on an earthquake and other general citizen media escapades.) yet looking at the top trends now concerns me deeply. #NotBeingRudeBut the genius hash tag that is taking the trend setters by storm is doing exactly what I mentioned above. Breeding hatred and stupidity. Twitter seems to be the great meeting place of, not deflated intellectuals, but ordinary people with no greater cause than to insult and ridicule the defenseless in a public sphere. The immense levels of selfishness, though overtly human, are sickening. Regardless of whether a name is mentioned or not mentioned the impact exceeds more than feeble minds can fathom. Undirected tweets such as ‘I hope you don’t think 30,000 colors in your hair is cute…’ openly attack anyone with the inclination of dying their hair multiple colours. Now, I’m aware that my example isn’t the most extreme and that is precisely the point (not to mention that I refuse to post such obscenities here and now).

Of course by the time I’ve finished this, there will be another top trender, but the principle remains the same. #whydofemales happens to be there at this moment, an excuse to rip apart the opposite gender for…well, being the opposite gender. The majority of postees I imagine can’t look beyond themselves to realise they do the same thing, males do the same thing. That aside, my point remains the same. A mirco blogging site where 140 characters are employed to direct hatred or channel bigotry. An aimless exercise that achieves nothing at all, while at the same time manages to hurt hundreds, if not more, people. An interesting paradox because the power of language combined with the power of social media are a deadly thing. Yet here we are promoting it.

A concept that I am struggling to wrap my head around and will struggle for a long time. Why breed hatred that need not exist? Why give a voice those that thrive on destroying others, while giving no voice to the voiceless? Freedom of speech isn’t the freedom to destroy a person’s social and self confidence at a whim. Yet here we are. Rabid and disgusting.


– Dante