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Cheapass Fiction

Two weeks ago, a guest post appeared on one of my favorite (and oft-cited) blogs.  The author was a mysterious web developer and Arizonian named Jack Zeal, and the post, entitled To Be Esteemed, Be Useful, detailed the cumbersome nature of licenses, even those designed to promote free use.  Mr. Zeal concluded that the best alternative was to “embrace the truly unrestricted.  Public Domain or equivalent.” 

Even on a site full of Pirates, the dissent was palpable.

Many sound arguments cut into the idea of putting work in the Public Domain.  I won’t get into those arguments here.  Let the technologists argue over the technology.  I don’t know software.  I don’t know code.  But I know fiction.  And this post struck me because it came at an time when I was contemplating the exact same thing.

Technologists discovered “free as in freedom” a long time ago, and while they still squabble…

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